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What is DNN?

DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source CMS based on Microsoft .Net technology. Dot net nuke can be easily installed and hosted. In general, dot net nuke framework allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework both commercially and non-commercially, with the simple requirement of giving credit back to the DotNetNuke project community.

What is DNN used for?

DotNetNuke framework is the ideal platform for building professional websites with dynamic content and interactive features. The dot net nuke technology is essentially designed to ease the work of administrators, content editors, developers, and designers.


The default functionality of DotNetNuke can be expanded by adding third-party modules, which are used to tailor the web site for specific deployment needs. Here are three modules built by Spire:

SpireDNN Word Import

Allow developers to get/read contents of Word document without requiring any other software such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

SpireDNN Word Export

Allow users to export online content into Word Document using Spire.Doc.

SpireDNN Pdf Export

Allow users to export online content into PDF Document using Spire.Pdf.


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